Autumn & Winter Are The Best Time To Install Glare Reducing Window Film

Autumn & Winter Are The Best Time To Install Glare Reducing Window Film in Fort Collins, Colorado

It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s not your imagination, the sun is actually brighter in the Fall and Winter. From October through Spring, the sun is much lower in the sky and that presents itself as an irritating glare that you might not notice at other times of the year. This lower angle of the sun’s rays hitting your windows results in a corresponding lower angle passed through into the space. The combination of a brighter sun and the lower angle of the rays result in excessive glare that make a space less comfortable and make seeing a computer or television screen more difficult.

Furthermore, when you combine this lower angle and brighter sun with reflection off of water or snow, the resulting glare can be even worse. Finally, the leaves on tress that can provide a barrier to glare in the warmer months are missing giving the sun an unobstructed path through your windows.

For these reasons, Autumn and Winter are the best time to consider retrofitting your existing windows with a glare reducing window film. Much like a quality pair of sunglasses, window films can significantly reduce the glare and increase visibility and comfort without negatively impacting your views through the glass. In fact, when the glare is reduced, your eyes can actually relax and the result is an enhanced view.

In addition, significant glare problems are often accompanied by the issue of floors, furniture and furnishings getting sun-bleached prematurely. An added benefit of this innovative film is that it will also typically cut 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which is the primary contributor to fading.

If you would like more information or have any questions about glare reducing window film, contact us at (970) 690-8444 or email us at We would be happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation and estimate of implementing these solutions in your Greeley, Longmont or Fort Collins, Colorado area space.

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